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      Design, manufacture, service and repair of vessels for military or civil purposes, offshore engineering and diesel engines for marine use; design, manufacture and construction of bridge cranes up to 160t, gantry cranes up to 600t, steel structures of high-rise buildings, bridge structures and large-type steel structures, municipal engineering, metallic structures, grid structures (Level 1); independent import and export businesses approved by the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and processing with customer’s materials, the “Three-plus-One” trading mix of custom manufacturing with materials, designs or samples supplied and compensation trade; design and manufactures of mechanical equipment; installation and repair of industrial equipment engineering; installation of Level 1 lifting equipment; design, manufacture, service and repair of marine equipment and fittings; manufacture of cast steels; contracting of overseas engineering projects compatible with its capability, scale and performance; labor dispatching overseas to perform the above-mentioned overseas engineering projects.
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