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Latest Products
1、Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers
    The LNG carrier is widely known as a vessel of high-tech, high-value and high-reliability in the world. The company commenced the R&D of LNG carriers in 1997 and has won the building contracts of LNG carriers through seven years of arduous efforts, which made breakthroughs in the newbuilding of LNG carriers dominated by overseas shipbuilders and aroused strong response among the global shipbuilding arena. The first-ever LNG carrier independently built in China by this company was delivered in 2008, indicating that China has gained its footing among the world high-tech shipbuilding sectors.
    The LNG carriers under construction in the company include: (1) 147,000-cbm LNG carriers (steam-turbine propulsion type); (2) 172,000-cbm LNG carriers (low speed diesel engine + reliquefication plant).
    The LNG carriers developed by the company include: (1) 160,000-cbm LNG carriers (electrical-propulsion type); (2) 175,000-cbm LNG carriers (high-efficient steam-turbine propulsion type or electrical-propulsion type); (3) 220,000-cbm LNG carriers (electrical-propulsion type).
2、Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) carriers
    The LPG carrier is another kind of high-tech ship product of the company and it has undertaken the building of 8,400-cbm and 10,000-cbm LPG carriers well-reputed by the ship owners.
3、Container vessels
    The company is a leading player in the newbuilding of container vessels in China. As early as 1980s, the company built the most advanced 2,700-teu reefer container vessels at that time; after that, it entered the market both at home and abroad by building a series of 1,714-teu, 4,250-teu and 5,688-teu container vessels. The China-largest 10,000-teu container vessel independently developed, designed and built by the company will be delivered in 2013. Projects under R&D include 4,900-teu, 130,000-teu and 9,000-teu container vessels.
4、Oil carriers
    The oil carrier series are conventional and mature products of the company with crude oil/product oil carriers up to 110,000-dwt as the major products.
5、Bulk carriers
    The company has won 46 orders of “China Hudong Type” 74,500-dwt bulk carriers since it entered the west European market in 1998, which recorded the largest batch of large transport ships among the shipbuilding history in China. Based on China Hudong Type, the company has developed 75,000-dwt, 87,000-dwt and 76,000-dwt bulk carriers and won massive orders.
6、Specialized vessels
    In addition to the conventional ship products, the company has undertaken the construction of a variety of specialized vessels, such as heavy-lift vessels, dredgers, POD-propelled 1A ice class chemical carriers, passenger-cargo ships, Ro-Ros and luxury cruise ships, and satisfied the market demand.
7、Steel structures
    The company is of high competitiveness and strong strength in the construction of large-type steel structures and engineering plants, and has constructed high-rise buildings such as the Capital Mansion, full-steel Daqing TV Tower, Shanghai Stock Exchange Building, Shanghai Hong Kong New world Tower, also a number of steel-structure projects including Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge and Xupu Bridge, and engineering plants such as land-based power stations, tunneling machines, metallurgical equipment and port machineries. The company enjoys a fine reputation in the domestic market.
8、Vessels for military purpose
Frigate   landing craft 
replenishing ship   offshore patrol vessel (OPV)  
training vessel for the Navy


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