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Scientific Research & Design

    Hudong-Zhonghua earnestly pursues development in a scientific way. Activities are closely adhered to the important guiding thoughts of CSSC on “transferring ways, adjusting structures, seeking development and reinforcing management”, and breakthroughs and innovations are made. The company always pays great attention to the scientific research and has undertaken a variety of key scientific research projects granted by the state government and/or Shanghai municipal government in recent years, which have made remarkable achievements and laid a solid technical foundation for the sustainable development of Hudong-Zhonghua.
    (1) The company has undertaken many key scientific research programs on LNG carriers, including the engineering development of large type LNG carriers, development of 160,000-cbm membrane type (electrically-propelled) LNG carriers, which have laid solid technical foundations for the success of building the first-ever LNG carrier in China and filled the domestic gap in the LNG carrier sector. Meanwhile, the company has successfully marketed a series of LNG carriers with independent intellectual rights, such as 172,000-cbm low speed diesel engine driven plus reliquefaction plant LNG carriers, 160,000-cbm / 175,000-cbm electrically propelled LNG carriers and 220,000-cbm ultra-large LNG carriers. Relying on National Energy LNG Shipping & Storage Facilities Lab, the company has undertaken many key scientific programs concerned with the LNG industry, which have given technical support to the implementation of the national energy strategy.
    (2) The company has undertaken many key scientific research programs on ultra-large container vessels, including the optimization research on the series of container vessels, key technologies research for the development of ultra-large container vessels with loading capacity of 8,000-teu ~ 10,000-teu and has successfully developed 8,530-teu ultra-large container vessels with independent intellectual rights. The company has been a leading player in the container vessel sector with independent design capacities through continuously tackling key issues. It has developed a series of high-tech and high-value container vessels with independent intellectual rights, such as highly competitive 8,888-teu and 10,000-teu container vessels with remarkable achievement made in the newbuilding order intake. Meanwhile, the company has made significant breakthroughs in the development of 100,000-teu plus container vessels, such as 12,500-teu and 13,000-teu ones.
    (3) The company has established a sound work system of technical innovation and built an active, independent and innovative work atmosphere internally. It has made significant breakthroughs in the annual technical innovation and technical advance and remarkable achievements in the declaration of achievement. Since the eleventh five-year plan, a wide variety of 40 items of technical achievements made by the company have been awarded prizes for scientific and technological achievements by the state councils, Shanghai municipality or CSSC, among which, the domestically built 147,210m3 large LNG carriers won the first prize in National Science & Technology Advance Award for Energy Sources and the building technologies of large membrane-type LNG carriers won the first prize in Shanghai Science & Technology Advance Award, the technologies of 8,530-teu ultra-large container vessels won the first prize in the Science & Technology Advance Award granted by Shanghai municipality and CSSC, respectively.
    (4) While introducing, absorbing and digesting internationally advanced shipbuilding design software, the company, in combination of the practical situations of the shipbuilding industry in China, has developed Ship Production Design (SPD) system and shipbuilding ERP system with independent intellectual rights, which greatly shorten the ship design cycle, improve the product building quality and lay a solid foundation for the follow-up information integration of the enterprise. Nowadays, CSSC has made a promotion of pilot for SPD system as specialized ship design solutions inside CSSC. Besides, the SPD system has found its application in over 200 ship enterprises, research institutes and institutes of higher learning and gained wide popularity among the clients. The Ship Production Design (SPD) system and the Application of SPD system with independent intellectual rights have been respectively awarded the third session Top 10 Best Solutions Prize and the third session Top 10 Successful Cases Prize by Shanghai Enterprise Informatization Promotion Center. The company has been listed among CIMS Exemplary Enterprises for 863 Program by Shanghai municipality and the state



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